Back into it

Day late for Sunday in my City, but hey, was hanging around the Mill Pond with N. for part of Sunday, so here is a shot of Darwin College.

Unknown Mami

I’ve been back from France for over a week now. It seems like longer. I’d almost say it barely feels like I was on holiday, but I do feel noticeably more at ease than I did prior to the start of July. July was a mad but wonderful month. Two weddings, three parts of that in total. It was so lovely to be part of them, and I’m very glad for the couples coming together. There were the days of showing my parents around Cambridge, a visit to Stockholm (wedding related, and oh my, it was gorgeous, so much water! Oh I do miss large bodies of water. The Cam does not count!), and of course two weeks away in France. Hectic, but very good. I think I was a little lost last week not having to think about the next lot of moving/packing/etc.

Now I’m back home. Part of me at first was thinking ‘so what’s the next step?’ when really, there was not other step beyond getting back into the groove of ‘write, day job, write, social life, thinking about dancing-related matters’ (this last one needs some attention…). Oh, and get my room and other parts of the house into something resembling liveable order. That’s been happening slowly. The garden is looking less like a weed patch, my room significantly less like a floordrode (isn’t that a fantastic term?), though my ironing basket still taunts me as I move it from floor to bed to floor – that’s a task for tomorrow or Wednesday I think.

As to writing. Well. I do tend to set myself crazy goals. I have set myself… slightly crazy goals for the next few weeks, but have since Friday managed to add 1500 words to a novel in progress, and get something that looks like a first draft for an anthology call which is due on the 1st. I think if I keep at the rate of aiming for 500 words a day on the novel (rather than my early, ridiculously imposed Nanowrimo-type goals), it will keep me on the novel and set a good pace for the next couple of months. Shorter pieces… I think I need to start to trust myself a bit better that I can get a draft out faster than I first think, and that if I can get that out well before they are due, I’ll have ample time to work and shape them into a state that’s acceptable for someone to read. That’s probably the next thing I need to work on mentally – trusting my won ability to turn ideas into words. I’m no master word smith yet, but I have some claim to some ability. 😉
The other thing to get back into is blogging. I have a Writing Anxieties queued for tomorrow, and I’ll hopefully get something out for Wicked Wednesday. Am really hoping I’ll get back onto the Thursday reviews for erotica. Let’s see how I go over the next few days.