Wanton Wed…ur, Thursday: Crown, F/m, NSFW, Part 2

Part 2 of Crown. Under cut for being NSFW. Wanton Wednesday is coming to an end – big thanks to Dangerous Lily for running it for two years – it was fun, for all three times I participated! Rebel is now taking up the reigns with Wicked Wednesday, something I can definitely get behind, and that will be kicking off from next week.

And I fibbed. This is going to be 3 parts. I didn’t mean to that, folks, honest, but I’m not going to get anything posted if I keep worrying about it! Check out Wicked Wednesday next week for Part 3. 😉

Wanton Wednesday

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L. clicked her fingers, holding out her palm. She smiled when Kieran obeyed the implicit instruction, and passed her the triple crown. His hands immediately went back to covering his cock.

“Hands behind your back,” she said in a low voice.

Kieran pursed his lips, but did it anyway. It revealed his half-hard cock, and exposed his nipples, two round buds.

L smiled. Had Kieran simply given in, there would be no thrill. His pushing back against her, his resistance, was all to be carefully scraped away by tiny, calculated manoeuvres; the right moment to undress, the way to make her breasts move with the changing angle of her body, the exact pressure of her nails on his skin.

She knew he loved being beaten. Not beaten up, but defeated. Made to yield to the loss as if swallowed by hot steam.

But she had not quite won this one yet.

L. tucked the triple crown into her pocket, and knelt next to him with the black cord. First she tied his wrists together, then looped the cord down, tugging his arms back as she did, and wound it around his ankles. It forced him back, his chest expanding, as his shoulders rolled back. Kieran’s body was tone and definition, almost pure muscle and bone, but this position made him seem wider, larger. Yet perfectly vulnerable.

She stood, and nudged his knees further apart with the toe of her combat boot. His balls eased away from his body to hang between his legs. Kieran’s stomach quivered. L.’s fluttered in response. She could taste his anticipation. As she pulled the triple crown out of her pocket, Kieran swallowed.

L. rolled it around her palms. “I’m going to put this on you now. You stay very, very still, yes?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

Once more she knelt, and she took hold of his cock and balls in one palm, and slid the largest loop down his shaft, pushing each testes through. His whole body was as taut as a bow string, waiting, she thought, for a sharp fingernail to nick his delicate scrotum. But there would be no pain for him. Not today.

Not that kind of pain, at any rate.

When it was done, L. patted the head of his cock. “There. A crown for a prince.”

He narrowed his eyes at her, only for them to fly open and him half gasp, half cough, when she squeezed his shaft.

L. laughed, and leaned forward to kiss him, hand now rubbing up and down his cock.

TBC next week.