Week in Review: 27 May

Unknown Mami
Making a real attempt to start weekly updates on the blog each Sunday – am a little obsessed with trying to remember everything, and I think it would give me some peace of mind to make sure I do it, though whether or not an interesting read for everyone else, I cannot say! Also going to start doing Sunday in my City (though the picture may or may not have been taken on Sunday)…the above was taken Thursday at Sheep’s Green, Cambridge, UK.
But onward!

How’s the writing going?
Well…I have done a lot blogging with week, but the writing itself? Not so much. My grand and glorious plans for this weekend did not amount to much, but to be honest, I’m kind of glad of how much I got done. Seeing how my time went, I definitely could have squeezed some proper writing time in – think that will go better now that I’ve put up the darker curtains in my room so I may start getting some proper sleep!
But I’ve been talking about my writing!
Yes! I was interviewed by L.J. LaBarthe , and had a guest post on Victoria Blisse‘s blog.
What have you missed on the blog?

What have I been doing?
Was back at work this week after leave, and it was an odd relief – once more there was structure in my life that hours of so-called free time don’t have.

Dancing went as usual – the last proper teaching class on Tuesday (I have a breather then until September), advanced on Wednesday (after missing last week as the lack of sleep caught up with me and made my head spin!) My knee started playing up, but after some physio appointments, new walking shoes, suggestions of exercises, and tubigrip knee thinging, seems to be getting better (feeling it more frequently but I suspect that’s it getting used to my feet being in the ideal position rather than where they natural rest in their over-pronated state. At least it feels fixable, rather than something that will either get worse or I will have to put up with for the rest of my life. Dancing is not something I really want to give up!

Thursday L came over to enjoy the back garden in this amazing and wonderful warm weather England is at last experiencing; April and most of May were officially bloody miserable – even dry Cambridge suffered from that stereotypical British weather of grayness and dankness. There was ice cream and shortbread and berries, and very good company. Have also succeeded in converting L, as I have several others, into the joy that is Community! (Now I will check-in to NBC headquarters and get another gold star for my efforts…) Friday I met up with work colleagues for lunch at Eraina Tavern, which was quite nice – though we all remarked on the addition of peas and chips to every single meal…

The evening was really very good. Met up with N and E to see AlicebanD play at St Paul’s Church (am exceedingly pleased to have made N an Alice fan too!) They were the headline act, and we were also treated to Echo Trails and The Binewski Murder, and a spot of performance from Fay Roberts, who I had the pleasure of meeting and dancing like a maniac with (well, at least I was the maniac…) Fuller review to follow once this post is done.

Saturday was a bit lethargic (this is euphemism for slightly hungover…), but with a pleasant interlude at G’s place for a BBQ. My grand plans to go home and write lots were interrupted by a surprise nap…I did clean my room though which makes me feel an awful lot better (just need to sort through my clothes now, which either need folding, ironing, or put in a bag for a charity shop…)

And today? More dancing – Ladies Step this time, which is as taxing on the brain as it is the legs, and despite the room being quite cool, we were all coated in a thin sheen of sweat.

And I think that’s it. Now for the next two posts…;)