Week(s) in Review: 10 June

Back of the Pitt Building, Cambridge, UK. Near where I work.
Unknown Mami
I missed last week’s review – completely exhausted for various reasons and though I planned to do it Monday, other things cropped up. So let’s try for what’s been happening over the past two weeks.

How’s the writing going?
Well, my grand and glorious plans of two submissions for May didn’t come to fruition, but I got one small piece submitted. This past week has been a bit slower on the blogging front – I’d have loved to have another erotica/erotic film/erotic literature review up, but it didn’t happen. This week, you’ll be getting my long over-due review of Erotica Apocrypha come Thursday.

As to my short fiction plans for the month, that remains to be seen. Must have a think about it. I do have something that I’m very excited about though. There has been an m/m novel in the works for a few months now. Up until Thursday, I had 18,000 words. I now have 20,000. Much-less-than-perfect, but it’s cohesive, I feel, in terms of structure, which I have had in my head for sometime – the finer details need sorting, but those I’ll come to when I get to the individual scenes.

So the plan: on Thursday, I realised it was 50 days until the London Olympics. So, the plan is: 1000 words for each of those days, which will add up to a full draft of just under 80,000 words. That is, a novel length draft. I think this is doable. I’m perhaps being foolish in putting that plan out there for all to see, but I’m hoping that by doing so, I’ll force myself to stick to it! Feel free to badger and ask me about it – it just may guilt me into getting back to writing if I try and slack off. 😉
What have you missed on the blog?

What have I been doing?

Lots now I think about it! Tuesday night (ur, the 29th) was a social night for dancing – a nice night of dancing with live music (three fiddles and guitar – just marvelous!) and strawberries and cream. Doing a small chunk of the organising meant I was fretting (of course) before the night – would enough people/too many people come, would there be too little/too much food, etc. But it was all fine. (I tend to forget these events are a collective effort and that they work by the merits of everyone involved – and that if things go wrong it’s not always likely down to me. Reminders one must give oneself occasionally.)

The weekend was busy – went out for dinner on Friday night and that was lovely. 🙂 Met up wit C. on Saturday who came up from London, after which we went to Strawberry Fair and met up with P. and proceeded to have a very big night…think I need to get a better gauge on how much red wine I can reasonably drink! It made Sunday somewhat quieter, though caught up for a quick (non-alcoholic…) drink with some folks that evening.

Monday I trotted off with a large group to see Prometheus. I was…disappointed and annoyed with it (though was genuinely tense during the parts that were meant to be). It felt like a grab-bag of sci-fi greats, including its own originator, Alien, with dashes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and whatever else could be thrown at it. Worse though, it seemed to contain a bunch of ideas that could have been so interesting, but came out half-baked and under-developed. Themes of origin, children, birth, parenthood, sibling rivalry, what it means to be human, that could have made a fantastic film, but were somehow lost with attempts to make it big-budget and shiny and palatable. (Well, we can debate on how palatable the scene with Noomi Rapace and a certain operation chamber actually is…) Effort was expended on making it look shiny, that’s for sure. I honestly think it had too many characters, and misguided focus – you had decent actors like Sean Harris and Rafe Spall essentially wasted because someone thought that all you need to make them interesting was to give them quirky mannerisms, rather than think of them as being integral to the plot (beyond being canon fodder – this I feel is not a spoiler – you know the survival rate of the cast of any Alien film!) That said, Michael Fassbender was very good as the android David – though again, such waste. He has a thing for Lawrence of Arabia that could have been fascinating, but was kind of left hanging. One could have made a link to Lawrence’s narcissism and self-importance and David’s own, but that was it, really. Anyway! I could rant for longer about what was wrong with it (I’ll wince forever at one of the last spoken lines – oh good God, clumsy and inane!) but I’ll stop before it occupies the entirety of this post.

Quieter for the rest of the week; last Wednesday dance class of the academic year, L. came over on Thursday for a catch up and I introduced her to my cheap tipple, hock wine that is sold at the Co-op for about 3.50; Friday nothing much. Weekend, however, has been busy. Went to a lovely wedding yesterday, A. and P. tying the knot in Girton, followed by a very fun ceilidh (and I now have a gigantic bottle of milk for the week…think I’ll have to buy some bananas for smoothies so it doesn’t go to waste!) Today was dancing in the gardens of Anglesey Abbey. We suspect the threat of rain kept a number of people away, so it was a small turn out, but we had some spectators turn into participants, so that was really nice, and it did not rain at all until driving away.

Right, now, for dinner, and to get my words done…which, of course, I’m already behind on. 😉