A Night in a Year: 3. Dress

In her bedroom – kept orderly on most nights but now is an explosion of bras, panties, dresses, skirts, and tops – she stands, still naked, before a mirror, holding up two outfits. The choices are sleek and tight, or loose and short. The first is alluring, but the second will either be easily shoved aside or just fall from her. It’s a choice between creating temptation, or being accessible.

She decides on the black dress that will encase her figure, hold her body in. Though it might be torn by the end of the evening. That thought makes her grin as she tosses the frou-frou skirt and blouse aside.

The dress decides the rest of her clothes.

She looks at her underwear selection – black g-string, black satin panties with ruffles around the bum, plain black cotton. She chews the inside of her cheek, thinking. But after opening her window and sticking her hand out to check the weather, she decides she doesn’t need any. The night is warm.

That is a first.

She chooses black and sheer silk stockings, and carefully hooks her fingers around them when she pulls them up. They rest at her comfortably at her mid-thigh. The garter belt is black too, with a lacy rose pattern. She pulls this on, and clips the four straps to the stockings, tightening where necessary. She stands to check, and examines herself in the mirror. The garter belt frames her cunt, arching over it like a theatre curtain. Her keeps her pubic hair shaped; it looks like a small fan, hovering just over her clit. How much she will be seen naked tonight she doesn’t know.

The dress comes on next. No need for a bra; it is tight enough to support her. And the freedom of that too has a certain crazy appeal.

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Image found on flickr, by gi, used under the Creative Commons License.