A Night in a Year: 5. Shoes

ShoesThe shoes will of course be heels.

She kneels carefully by her bed, under which her collection lives. A range of colours and heights and styles. Sling backs, kitten heels, pointed, rounded. Ruby reds and emerald greens, sequins lined and leather strapped.

Wearing black, she can select almost anything. She purses her lips, and thinks.

Ultimately, she decides on a thicker base and a solid heel, something to give her support. There will be walking tonight, and dancing. And something to keep her balance if she is taken standing.

The colour is a dark purple, with a distinct shine. Something that will catch the light a little, but draw one in too. They are lightly pointed, not so much to look sharp but smart. A single strap loops around the ankle, and the buckle is large and bright.

She sits on the edge of her bed, strapping them to her. She has no intention of taking them off that night, so she makes sure they fit her comfortably. There is very slight wiggle room in the toes. When she stands, she takes a few careful steps. Her balance is fine.

One last check in the mirror. She sweeps some strands of hair back, runs her hands down her sides, under her arms, past her breasts, over her hips, and then her thighs. She imagines them as someone else hands, and courses them up the centre of her body, over her stomach, and at last to cup her breasts. She turns side to side for the mirror, still holding them, looking cheeky. She is not big breasted, but it has hardly been a hindrance.

Once more she smooths herself down, and, satisfied, she finds her pashmina shawl, and stocks her slim line black hand bag with necessities; money, lipstick, card, and condoms.

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Image found on flickr, by fillmorephotography, used under the Creative Commons License.