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The Scent of Summer is my upcoming erotic novella. It incorporates two typical fantasies – sleeping with the neighbour, and the age-old older man/younger woman scenario. Far from being a pure smutty story or a romance, The Scent of Summer instead seeks to explore how the heat of attraction can scorch as much as compel.


Home for summer, and left alone in her family home, Suvi is about to settle into holiday reading when she sees, across her garden and onto her neighbours’ verandah, a man she doesn’t recognise. She wants him at once, but being 19, and him close to her father’s age, she doubts he’ll think the same.

Johann, visiting his friends the Parkers from Vienna, loves the Australian summer. Especially with an enticing young woman lounging about in the garden next door. But under Mick Parker’s eye, and knowing the girl is unlikely to respond to his advances, he will not act on his desires.

When chance conspires, and Suvi and Johann are left alone, the cool of Australian beaches, the heat of summer, and hot lust cannot be denied. Nor can the realisation that what Suvi wants and Johann wants are vastly different, and that the steamiest sex and desire can also burn people to the core.

This entry is part of August Alfresco. Please see details at the bottom of this post for how to participate. Meanwhile, you can read an excerpt: applying sun screen has never been so enticing…


What Suvi had called a ‘creek’ seemed to Johann more like a small river – you’d have to be a giant to clear it in a single stride. But instead of mud and stones, there was sand. When she pulled the car up in the shade of a tree, whose bark peeled like leather, or the edge of an old manuscript, Johann thought that they’d arrived in some lovely secluded beauty spot.

Until he properly looked out the window, and saw the other cars, and the hordes of people.
He sighed, thinking he’d never get the girl alone. Though even in that circumstance, what then? She was hardly fawning after him.

“Almost like the beach, but no waves. You just want to watch out for the current, and don’t swim under the bridge.” Suvi pointed up the creek. “We’re still close to the ocean from here. Just around the bend in the sand there.”

He did see, the sandy bank on one side, the rise of a headland on another, between which the blue water sped out towards the ocean.

They got out of the car. Unlike the beach from the day before, people were more covered, playing on the sandy banks and grass and under picnic shelters. Many wore hats, and some had what looked like t-shirts but made of swim suit material.

He asked Suvi, “What are these that they are wearing?”

She closed the door of the car, locked in, and followed his gaze. “The surf shirts? Sun protection. They’re made of lycra so you can swim in them easily. They kind of drill it in to us as kids. Slip, slop, slap.”

Johann guffawed. “What?”

“Slip on a shirt, slop on sun screen, slap on a hat.” Suvi giggled. “Yeah, I guess it sounds a bit silly, but it works.”

“I see you’re not wearing a surf shirt.”

Suvi looked away, grinning with a hint of shyness, and laid the towel out under a tree. “I’ll lather up in sun screen, and hope to get a tan. Not that I ever do, I mean look at me, sickly pale.”

Suvi held her arms out, elbows bent, standing with her weight cocked on one hip. The invitation was clear, so Johann took it with good grace. He openly swept his eyes over her body, head to foot, lingering only moments on her breast, hips and thighs.

“You have nice skin. It would be a shame to let the sun damage it.”

She pointed to her hat. “I’ve got this, I’ll keep that on unless I go in the water.”

“Good, good. I would feel terrible if your family were to come back and find out I had let you burn to a crisp.”

Suvi rolled her eyes. “My parents would say it’s my own bloody fault. Anyway, better get this on.”

She flopped onto the towel, her long legs stretched out in front of her, and did indeed slop a large dollop of sun screen onto her palm, and coated her legs in it. Johann stood for a moment, watching how she rubbed it in and left white trails. He’d pictured this exercise as a ritual, her reverently spreading it all over herself, preparation for something glorious, but he saw instead the mundane necessity.

Until Suvi laid her hands on her stomach, and began to roll them over it and her chest. Then the white streaks made him think of cum, his cum, and how it would look across her belly, how his still hard cock would appear hovering over her, her mouth open and panting because he’d made her come in ways no man had ever before.

He’d bet there were many things she’d never experienced. Bet there was so much he could introduce her to, or even just simply touching her with confidence that he knew few men – boys still – her age didn’t possess.

Any longer, and he’d be accused of staring. He flung his towel next to hers, sat and began to unbutton his shirt. His eyes drifted to the water, to the sand bar in the middle of the creek. The water between the shore and there seemed walkable, or at least as if they could wade through the water up to their knees to get there. There were some teenagers about 15 jumping off the bar into the water beyond, and a father with two toddlers, sitting on it using bucket and spade to play some kind of water pouring game.

He shrugged one shoulder out of his shirt, and glanced back at Suvi, to see her contorting her arm around her neck, her hand twisted to try and get the sun screen on.

Johann smirked, and knew exactly what to say.

“You do mine if I do yours?”

Suvi turned, her eyes wide and doe-like. Her mouth opened and closed, as if startled, and Johann had to stop himself from turning apologetic for suggesting it, when she said, “Good idea!”

Her smile was radiant as she passed him the bottle of sun screen, and she swept her hair up from her back, revealing a plane of pale, perfect skin. To touch that first, without the greasy residue of the lotion… Johann had to stop himself, and squeezed a large splash onto his palm.

He looked at it in his hand, and looked at her back. Saw at the curve of her jaw as she gazed out to the creek away from him, her lovely lips just slightly parted. He examined at the marks of her spine, traveling down to the place where the bottom of her bikini began. Such a shame to mar that perfection with this grease.

“Maybe I have used too much.”

Suvi shook her head, not looking back to check. “As long as I’m coated in it.”

Johann smirked, smeared the sun screen on both palms, and lay his hands on her shoulder blades.
It dripped down her back like paint, and he began to rub and spread it around.

He felt no texture but slippery smoothness. The heat of the day made him picture how hot her cunt might be, dripping with the delicious slickness of female arousal. The white lotion made him think of a woman’s cum, when she was that turned on by a man that her body can’t help giving him that delicious milky cum. He pictured, as his hands pressed and swirled into her skin, dipping his cock in her, removing it, and running it over her body, her back, leaving her and his mingled cum in its wake.

His eyes glanced up at her face. Her expression was even, as if she was used to someone else’s hands on her body, but under that… he began to massage, just lightly, not enough for it to be suspicious, but part of the necessity of getting the sun screen onto her. Her ribs contracted, tensed, released, and continued to do so, too evenly for the breathing to be regular.

When she closed her eyes, Johann smirked, and thought how easy it would be to kiss her.

But then Suvi said, “Are you nearly done?” in a tone that he knew well from catty women in bars and at the gym.

You are an idiot, he said to himself, and took in her youth, and what youth wanted was not a man their father’s age but someone they could admire as if looking at a mirror.

He gave one last squeeze of his hands, and let go. His hands were still greasy when he pulled back.

“All done.”

She turned back; her face indicated nothing. She said thanks, and reached down to get the bottle from near his crossed legs. He glimpsed the curve of her round breasts as they rose and fell with her lean, and he wondered what it would be to cum on those too.

Wordless, he turned from her, and waited.

Suvi was thorough and firm in her distribution of the sun screen, beginning at his shoulders, moving down his shoulder blades, and down his spine to the centre of his back, and then the small of it. He felt her hands splayed wide, as if to capture his whole back in both of them – a lovely thought, for they were lovely hands, employed at an impossible task. She was quick about it, and when done, he turned to thank her, and saw her wiping her hands off on her towel.

Yes, of course, get the old man off your skin as quick as you can, he thought, and lay back on his towel, slid on his sunglasses so he’d not keep looking at her, turning his attention instead to that stupidly blue sky.

The Scent of Summer will be released in September.


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