Site relaunch!

Black and white flower in bloom

Well, it took a bit longer than expected, but I’m very pleased to say that my website is now back online!

Currently, I have a bunch of posts queued, and a plan to keep up with regular posting that hopefully won’t be making a rod for my own back. Something new coming up this afternoon that I hope will entertain, Writing Anxieties kicks off again tomorrow (but as a monthly rather than weekly series), I’ll be back (semi-regularly) doing Wicked Wednesday, I’m going to start actively posting reviews of things I’ve seen or read (because I’ve discovered I really rather like writing them, and not just erotic or sex related ones as well) and hopefully we’ll have some more guest posts so you don’t get sick of me blabbering on. 🙂

For those who were reading A Night in a Year, I’m sorry to say that for the time being it is on hiatus. That said, I have posted all of February now, so if you were wondering how that adventure ended, you can catch up either by going to the A Night in a Year page, or by following the category link. The plan for it now is to maybe restart it next year – picking up where I left off. It was awesome doing it, and I was so happy to hear from readers that they enjoyed it and were looking forward to the new installments, but I found I really, really hadn’t realised how much work it was going to be. It was a venture that required much more forward planning – though I did try to keep on top of posts by scheduling them ahead, I didn’t take into account other aspects, like picture finding, setting up the posts, having a good idea of just what the story was going to be. But I think playing about with it for a bit over the next few months and look into doing it again 2014. No promises, but hopefully we’ll see the end of my character’s journey through Cambridge.

What else is new? Not too much, but I’ve tidied up the pages (the Links one still needs work, but I prefer how my Publications page is looking now), and had a change of theme to something I think a bit more dynamic (I love the slider at the top! Check out the homepage for that.)

So, I guess that’s it. Nice to be back. 😀

Image found on Flickr by VinothChandar, used under the Creative Commons License.