Sunday Snog: Meadow

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Smut Alfresco

An intense kiss. An excerpt from Meadow which appears in Smut Alfresco. A kiss, yes, but not safe for work. 😉

They finished eating, and before she could put the lids on any containers, he kissed her. It was a lovely, leaping kiss, him springing towards her, catching her by surprise so she squealed and laughed against his mouth, tumbling backwards so her head landed in the grass just off the blanket. He raised up, grinning like a child, and rained kisses down her neck, making her giggle and wriggle. B cupped her hand behind his head, holding him to her, a sudden desperation for him clenching her body. Lucas didn’t seem to notice. He kept kissing her neck, playful, gleeful, until B had enough and dragged him up so she could capture his mouth.

“Mmm…” he moaned against her, and his hand slid up from her hip, over her tank top until he found a breast. His fingers splayed over it, index and middle curving just below her nipple. B sighed, and grabbed his arse with one hand, bucking her hips upwards to meet his body. Around them, the shade of the tree filled with summer heat, and the openness of the space made her bolder. She wanted to display for everyone just how gorgeous she thought he was, how sexy.

Swiftly, she forced their bodies up, making him go back on his knees. Their mouths were locked together, shifting only to accommodate their movement. He was straddling her, face above hers, and through the material of his jeans, she felt his cock pressing. His lovely cock that fit neatly in the palm of her hand and snug inside her.

She slipped her fingers through his, and worked them onto his T-shirt, in the centre of his chest. She let them slide downwards, just above his stomach. There was a twitch in his jeans, and she leered up at him, knowing exactly where she wanted to go next.

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