Week in Review: 25 Nov – 1 Dec 2013

So what has happend this past week?

Most of the usual. Worked at the Day Job Wed-Fri instead of my regular Tue-Thurs. Taught Scottish on Tuesday night, learned more Lindy Hop on Wednesday, helped out with a ceilidh on Friday. Saturday was full to bursting with an excellent Lindy workshop during the day (though l spent one section treading on all the leads feet :/), a friend’s book launch in the evening and another friend’s birthday party after that.
So, after a groggy (not surprisingly really) but somewhat productive day yesterday (raked up things in the garden, some bedroom tidying) am feeling ready to Get Stuff Done. Just what that stuff is remains to be seen, but hopefully will include watching Thor 2 later on as a reward. 😉
Now, to attack the garden for 30-40 mins…