Week in Review: 12 July 2015

Let’s try start these again. I’ve missed blogging and now feel I can get back to it properly.
The Past Week
A few things this week.

I was looking at the recent submission calls and remembered I had a story that I’d started over a year ago and was maybe half done so I could have a second pass at it. When I found it, turns out it was more than half done and a friend had already looked over the story, and it only needed a couple of paragraphs here and there to be finished. So I submitted that one. Yay! Will wait and see.
I did some editing/rewriting on my ongoing cage fighter/doctor m/m romance novel – the first three chapters have been redone. Hooray! I need to make a point of doing that more regularly, because I do enjoy it when I get to it.
I have a dragon story in the pipeline with Forbidden Fiction. This has been going on for ages – to the point I’m surprised the publisher hasn’t despaired of me. Luckily I got the latest rounds of rewrites and edits in on Tuesday and I’m now waiting for the next round (for there will be a next round…)
Fun stuff! M and I went to Dublin for Thursday and Friday. Woke early on Thursday morning and got back late on Friday. I’d never been to Dublin before, though looking at the map of the city was a little strange: I’ve listened to so much Irish folk music over the years that echoes of songs that name places (the Liffey, Grafton Street, St Stephen’s Green, Molly Malone) ran through my head the whole time. After getting to the hotel we went to the Chester Beatty Library on recommendation, and it was a good recommendation at that – currently there is an exhibition about the idea of the book, and we saw a fascinating Japanese scroll of the Tale of Oeyama (oni – Japanese giant/demons – stealing and eating maidens, brave band of warriors to the rescue; great fun), among other things. We caught up with a friend on Thursday night who seemed to know ALL the pubs in the city (though refrained from taking us to all of them, which would have been one helluva night) and then M had a conference on Friday, leaving me to do my own thing, and with limited time, I decided that I should take a look at the Book of Kells. Well worth it (though my normally patient self wanted to strangle the people taking photographs in the additional exhibition rooms), especially if you like history and texts. The detail of the book itself was great to see, noticing the raised texture of the ink and some holes in the velum. There was also an exhibition in the Long Room above the Book itself on children’s literature and mythology, which made me want to read ALL the books in the display cabinets. No pictures of my own, I’m afraid – my phone has been playing up something chronic and I had to duck into an internet cafe to get hold of M for dinner plans that night. We ate at Yamamori, and I don’t think I’ve had such delicious Japanese food for a long while.
Coming Up
Writing and Website
My short story Fool’s Gold comes out this week! Watching this space for the release from Forbidden Fiction. 🙂
Gentlemen of Intriguing Appearance starts again tomorrow! I’ve missed doing it and would like to start it again. It will be a surprise, though perhaps not that much of a surprise when you see who. Because my taste is kind of recognisable…
More editing on the cage fighter/doctor novel (aiming to get Chapter 4 done, maybe 5), some short story writing, and I need to get cracking on a synopsis I’ve promised a publisher. Can’t talk about that now (far too nebulous in my own head in the first place) but I’ll be excited to see how that progresses.
Starting a new website for my English language teaching is one main goal. And some other things too. Best finish this off for now though, I think.

Photo credit: Jim Nix @ Flickr
License: Creative Commons