Week in Review: 27 July 2015

Ickworth Fairy Pond
Ickworth Fairy Pond

I meant to do a proper update last week but some things happened in real life (which I’d rather not discuss here) that forced focus elsewhere. I did manage to do a guest post for Kay Jaybee’s site, where I talked about endings in erotica and romance, but that was the limit of my internet activity. Hopefully I’ll get back to doing these updates again – to make sure I do, I decided that I’d do this on Monday even though I prefer it for Sunday. And so tomorrow we’ll see this week’s Gentleman of Intriguing Appearance instead.

Some oblique anthology news – I’ve had an acceptance just today and one short story is going be re-released. Can’t talk publicly just yet until the contracts are sorted, so watch this space.
Fool’s Gold was released the week before last, and then Divine Desires came out as well, an anthology that includes my novella Gods Among Men. I’ll post about that later this week.
I’ve made some small progress on Stitched, though not as much as I’d like (is that ever the case?) and there are ideas fermenting, and ideas I should get back to. I’m kind of wondering how the hell one decides which project to work on – one could use due dates for calls for submissions, but when it’s your own work that doesn’t yet have an interested party? A harder question, and one I’d like to come closer to resolving.
The week before, on the really lovely Saturday we had (as opposed to the cloudy and overcast one we had this past week) M and I went to Ickworth, a property near Bury St Edmunds. The post’s picture is of the ‘fairy pond’ on the grounds. It was such a good summer’s day, and the grounds are gorgeous. The building itself is a rotunda, unusual for an English manor house. Worth a visit if you like long country walks.
This past Saturday we had a few, er, a lot of drinks with friends as part of M’s birthday celebration – we’d had sushi at Teri-Aki in Cambridge on the Thursday, which is always a delicious meal.
Coming Up
My plans: Get in the 1/2 hour each day on Stitched. Make decisions about which projects to work on and work on them. Go back to Wicked Wednesday!
Hopefully see one of my favourite Cambridge-and-surrounding-area musicians, Alice Walker, on Tuesday. Get caught up with my administration matters.
Interesting Links
Well, I was going to include a bunch of links to some debates and posts that have been happening around, and more specifically, about, erotica in the past few weeks, but Tamsin Flowers has gone and done a master post, so I urge you to look at that instead. Lots of food for thought that has got me thinking about my own writing, sometimes a bit painfully. Worth it though.
Erotic Fiction: Remittance Girl has posted this lovely short story, Flesh Composed of Suns, on memories of past lovers. A striking feature of her work is often a strong sense of place, and this evokes that with beautiful melancholy.
Audio Books: Bertie Carvel reads Kenneth Graham’s The Reluctant Dragon. Delightful. Full review later.
History Documentary: I’m going to rewatch this before it disappears from BBC iPlayer. Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners by David Olusoga is a powerful and insightful examination of the impact that the British slave trade had on England that balances both the rigors of historical examination with the reminder that history is about the lives of human beings. A two-parter, so it will take the same amount of time to watch a feature film, I urge people to see this.
Vital Stats
WIPs: Stitched (3 hours out of 50 of editing/rewrites)
Currently Reading: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susannah Clarke, The Cellars of the Majestic by Georges Simeon
Currently Listening: Ragged Kingdom by June Tabor and Oysterband
Currently Watching: Grimm (Season 3), Babylon 5 (Season 2), Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners
750 Words streak: 13 days

Photo credit: all mine! 😀