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Wanton Wed…ur, Thursday: Crown, F/m, NSFW, Part 2

Part 2 of Crown. Under cut for being NSFW. Wanton Wednesday is coming to an end – big thanks to Dangerous Lily for running it for two years – it was fun, for all three times I participated! Rebel is now taking up the reigns with Wicked Wednesday, something I can definitely get behind, and that will be kicking off from next week.

And I fibbed. This is going to be 3 parts. I didn’t mean to that, folks, honest, but I’m not going to get anything posted if I keep worrying about it! Check out Wicked Wednesday next week for Part 3. 😉

Wanton Wednesday

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Wow, that was fast!

They tell you in the publishing world that when you send something off you really need to be prepared to wait. Like, really, really wait, months at a time. So imagine my shock when, the piece I submitted on Saturday, got accepted this morning! Like, that just doesn’t happen, right? Well apparently it does. Am going to be very much looking forward to working with on this piece.

But now to work and get on with the day, with a slightly giddy step to be sure. 😀

My First Spanking Book Cover

New Spanking Anthology! And other random updates

I’ve posted this on Facebook and on Twitter, but worth whacking up a blog post too. My First Spanking, edited by Cassandra Park, features my short story ‘It’s Gonna Hurt’. It’s a sweet (but sharp 😉 ) tale of Kira who breathless tells Orlando what she really wants to do is spank him, and the outcome of that confession. Was fun writing it, and was a delight to have it accepted. Was pleased as well that once again I’m published along side Clarice Clique and Maxine Marsh, both of whom were also in Erotica Apocrypha. There is something quite nice about seeing your name alongside the same people again – not sure quite what that is, but it’s nice.

The anthology can be purchased at: Ravenous Romance, and Amazon UK. And you can read an extract on this site here.

And while I’m in plugging mode, my story Fool’s Gold is available for purchase if you’ve not yet done so (and do read it too – it’s not so much a romp but trying for something a bit thoughtful about the nature of desire, memory, and fantasy – whether it works or not is up to you. 🙂 )

In further news, last week I spent frantically hunched over the computer to get a submission done. It’s one that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, and would have come out more slowly had I not had a sudden realisation that the due date was March rather than April! But boy, did the suddenly upon me deadline bring a few things into perspective. Most everything was dropped in order to get the story done, and it resulted in chest-pain (the doctor says it’s probably intercostal muscles complaining from being, guess what? stressed and hunched over) BUT I got the story done and it’s now in the queue waiting to be read. 11000 words in 7 days. Just shows what you can get done with a bit of focus (though next time I’d like to do without the chest pain because that was quite distressing). As a result it meant I did not finish Part 3 of my Eroticon posts, but now will do so. It seems ages after the fact, but it would also be a shame to leave the tale of the day unfinished. But am at least back in the realm of sanity now.

Moonlight on the marsh

Water and Dust: Chapter 1

The dogs at the perimeter fence barked; rough, ringing sounds reaching the house, a distant warning. Marc and Brendan shot out the door, time only pull on rubber boots, and grab lanterns, and their rifles.

Ahead of Marc, Brendan’s bathrobe flapped and snapped, his slender body a dart through the trees. Marc cursed, not slowing down but wishing he’d thought to pull on a shirt, as the twigs and branches and sharp leaves scratched his bare skin. Brendan wouldn’t even break a sweat by the time they reached there, while Marc’s ribs were already heaving from exertion.

At the fence, once pasted the gate, Marc lifted the the lantern up, casting the light outward from them and the three dogs going still going wild, a ring of yellow in the darkness. Brendan, leaving his on the ground, ventured further into the night, towards the long grass, rifle held forward but not at the ready. The hairs on Marc’s chest stirred in the hot night air, and even though he needed the air, he held his breath, and his rifle, tight.
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