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Moonlight on the marsh

Water and Dust: Chapter 1

The dogs at the perimeter fence barked; rough, ringing sounds reaching the house, a distant warning. Marc and Brendan shot out the door, time only pull on rubber boots, and grab lanterns, and their rifles.

Ahead of Marc, Brendan’s bathrobe flapped and snapped, his slender body a dart through the trees. Marc cursed, not slowing down but wishing he’d thought to pull on a shirt, as the twigs and branches and sharp leaves scratched his bare skin. Brendan wouldn’t even break a sweat by the time they reached there, while Marc’s ribs were already heaving from exertion.

At the fence, once pasted the gate, Marc lifted the the lantern up, casting the light outward from them and the three dogs going still going wild, a ring of yellow in the darkness. Brendan, leaving his on the ground, ventured further into the night, towards the long grass, rifle held forward but not at the ready. The hairs on Marc’s chest stirred in the hot night air, and even though he needed the air, he held his breath, and his rifle, tight.
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Pomegranate by Pierre-Joseph Redoute

Short Story: Exhibition

Word count: 1400
Content: Non-graphic erotica
Setting: Contemporary
Notes: Probably more a scene than a short story. Figured since I had not posted the sentences for a few days now it was time to finish the piece off at least. Thanks to those who’ve been reading! Comments/feedback always appreciated.

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Fool's Gold Cover

Fool’s Gold available for purchase!

Well, folks, it’s up! Stunningly I’ve already had one sale at Smashwords, and that was without any advertising at all. So if you’re up for a sexy, mysterious, and a touch contemplative pirate tale, here it is, Fool’s Gold.

Blurb: When Anne Delahaye, captain of the pirate ship the Merriment, is lead to a chest of coins with unusual markings, she assumes that she’s been cheated. But when she learns that the coins may be the key to a strange cave where desires become reality, she goes to find out for herself. What she finds there brings up memories and desires of a life she thought was gone…an erotic short story of pirates, treasure, and memories lost and found.

Word count: 5400.

Current sites for purchase (soon available in many other places):

Smashwords – USD 0.99 in various downloadable formats, including PDF, ePub, and Mobi. – USD 0.99 – GBP 1.14 – EUR 1.14 – EUR 1.14

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Fool's Gold Cover

Experiments in self-publishing

On this writing break (which I, er, cough, haven’t quite managed to make a pure break, as I did do a wee bit of writing over the weekend – bad Jacqui…) part of the idea was to have a think about how I was getting my writing out in the world. So I thought I’d give the self-publishing thing a shot. Though first, an important query – what do people think of the cover? Be honest – if you think it doesn’t work let me know (would rather know that now before heading over and uploading to Smashwords and Amazon), and am always happy to hear suggestions.

Reviews of Erotica Apocrypha

The anthology has been attracting some notice, which is lovely. So far, the following reviews have been posted. Very encouraging!

Review by Kitty StrykerThe desires in “Erotica Apocrypha” are both primal and divine, and they will captivate and enchant you. But beware when the gods come to seduce you… you may not get out alive.

Review by LJ LaBarthe – LJ reviews each story individually, but of mine she writes: I am so glad to see this here. This is Perun and Veles and their ongoing struggle. Beautifully written and very hot.