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100th Sunday Snog

100th Sunday Snog: Excerpt from Fool’s Gold

100th Sunday Snog

Fool's Gold Cover
Erotica writer Victoria Blisse is celebrating this week with the 100th Sunday Snog, a weekly blog hop where writers post links to a excerpt from one of their works containing a kiss. I’m joining in because hey, celebrations are fun, and also, Victoria is running a charity round in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières. So, to participate, you can donate at the Just Giving page, and/or you can read the other ‘snogs’ by clicking on the button above – there are prizes to be won if you do!

Meanwhile, over here I have a brief kiss (and some NSFW action…) from my short story, Fool’s Gold, an erotic tale of pirates and treasure. Details of how to win a copy of it are below. 🙂


“Please, Anne. You know we have both missed this. I have missed this.”

Her throat tightened. She had never heard Finlay ask. He winked, brushed quietly passed her below decks, or whistled that saucy tune that made the whole crew laugh. He would never say that he wanted anything.

She gulped.

Finally, the words came. “Ask me again.”

Finlay stepped closer, sincere. “Please, Anne. My body craves it. Please.”

Anne’s arms dropped to her side. “Again.”

“I will beg if you want me to.”

“Then beg.”

He clasped his hands, closer to her still. “I beg of you, Captain Delahaye. Please. I beg of you to make me yours once again.”

His words, his supplication, his clear desire, finally let her drop everything she’d been holding on to – the real Finlay, the way she had wanted him to be something he never was – and so Anne ran to the apparition, the new Finlay, grabbing him into her arms and pulling him in for a fierce kiss.

Finlay moaned against her mouth, slipped his arms around her waist. His hold was firm, eager for her. She prized his lips open with her tongue, and invited his own into her mouth.
Yes, that was his taste, his scent. His skin a little rough from the salty air, but it was everything she remembered from their kisses.

Finlay tugged down her blouse, exposing her breasts to the air. He grinned, winked once at her, and brought his mouth down on one nipple. Anne gasped sharply. Juices began to flow through her quim as he nuzzled against her. The whiteness of his cheeks almost glowed against her dark chest. His bright red lips nipping, his teeth making gentle but perfectly measured bites at her nipples.

Anne threw her head back, her eyes casting up into the sails. She saw them billow and sway, feeling that same beating in her chest that tumbled down to her now very wet quim. Her chest rose and fell with billows, Finlay’s mouth never ceasing, until her body was swaying back and forth against his chest.

It almost drove her to the brink, but before that happened, Finlay pulled away.

He fell to his knees. First he undid her belt, and both the bag of coins and her cutlass clattered to the deck. He lifted her skirts. She took them up for him, letting him pull down her pantaloons. Then he unhooked her skirts, until she was only wearing her blouse. The warm air drifted across her buttocks and lightly ruffled the hair between her legs. Finlay set the skirts aside, and reached up behind Anne. He pressed his fingers into her buttocks, looking up at her adoringly, before he pulled her closer to giver her quim a long slow lick.

Anne’s chest almost cleaved in two. The former Finlay had been perfectly willing to tease her quim with his fingers, but it had never extended to this, to wanting to taste her fully with his mouth.

It was safe, comforting at the start. Anne placed her hand on his head, brushing his hair as one would a pet. A mutual tenderness. Only when his tongue found the small bud just above her entrance did her legs start to tingle with pleasure.

Finlay moved in slow circular motions, the tip of his tongue unerringly tapping that bud with a perfect rhythm. A delicate tension welled in Anne’s chest.

Beneath them, the Merriment bobbed gently. The motion of them moving forward, ever so slightly, one she would not have noticed but for now, for Finlay was driving her to utter distraction. Anne found soon that her hips were rocking back and forth ever so slightly, falling into the beat that he had established.


How to win a copy of Fool’s Gold? All you need to do is leave a comment below to be in the running. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on Tuesday evening GMT time.

Sunday Snog: Meadow

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Smut Alfresco

An intense kiss. An excerpt from Meadow which appears in Smut Alfresco. A kiss, yes, but not safe for work. 😉

They finished eating, and before she could put the lids on any containers, he kissed her. It was a lovely, leaping kiss, him springing towards her, catching her by surprise so she squealed and laughed against his mouth, tumbling backwards so her head landed in the grass just off the blanket. He raised up, grinning like a child, and rained kisses down her neck, making her giggle and wriggle. B cupped her hand behind his head, holding him to her, a sudden desperation for him clenching her body. Lucas didn’t seem to notice. He kept kissing her neck, playful, gleeful, until B had enough and dragged him up so she could capture his mouth.
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