Consider, dear reader, this as a promise, a caution, a warning, an advertisement, anything at all. You may not have known entirely what you were getting into when you first came upon my page, but hopefully this will give you a better understanding.

  • I write erotica. Not exclusively, but my work often features graphic and explicit sex.
  • I am open to writing multiple and various sexualities and expressions of sexuality, hetero, homo, bi, or any variation thereof. It does not mean that I necessarily will write everything under the sun at one point in my career, but that I am open to doing so.
  • My erotica varies in tone; warm tenderness may appear in one story, whilst violence and non-consensual acts in another. As such, I will put content notes on anything published online, or accompanying a blurb elsewhere. I think it’s important that people have an idea of what a work contains, so they can make an informed choice about whether they want to interact with it or not.
  • I am happy to engage with criticism, but not with abuse. Arguments that consist of ‘I don’t think you should be writing about sex at all’ or ‘you are going to hell’ will not be taken particularly seriously.

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