‘Double-Bind’ in Surprising Myself


What is your secret fantasy? That one thing you dream of doing but have never had the chance to fulfill in real life… Thirteen writers present sexy, steamy stories of women getting the chance to live out their personal fantasies. What’s yours? Whether it’s several lovers at the same time for a pulse-pounding menage scene or the allure of getting caught in public, these stories will set your mind ablaze. From voyeurism in a sex club to swinging, cuckolding to cosplay, SURPRISING MYSELF brings you stories from thirteen hot new writers to watch out for and just might make you think about fulfilling your own wildest fantasy.

This is an audio book as well as an eBook, edited by Matthew Cooper


They decided against an ad on a website. Brianna didn’t want the obligation to go further than she suspected those kinds of ads could inspire and didn’t want to deal with someone whining at them if they said no. She’d have had no issue brushing them off, but she knew David would feel bad or try give in to their wheedling. So they found a swingers club online and set the night for it.

Her image of a “swingers club” was something with dark corners, tacky neon lights, garish menus with dubiously-named chemical-colored cocktails, a hangover from 1986 that hadn’t quite died. The place they arrived at was modern, with chrome and angular edges, lighting that made Brianna think of swimming in an aquarium. She expected leering smiles gleaming at both of them as soon as they entered, sharks and other predators aiming for them, but found their entrance was unacknowledged apart from a couple of curious glances. God, she thought, weren’t they hot enough?

A cursory sweep of the clientele told her nothing of what to expect. All ages, from college kids to people in their thirties, even a sharply dressed couple who must have been sixty or so. A variety she hadn’t anticipated. Next to her, David’s face was impassive, though his eyes twitched from the ground floor to the mezzanine to the bar and back to her, waiting for her cue. Brianna linked her arm through his, leading him to the bar. Get some alcohol into them; that would be an excellent start. She ordered two Long Island Iced Teas, and she led him to one of the spare bar tables. For a long time, they sat there, wordless and alone, sipping on the drinks. No one approached them. Damn it, Brianna thought, giving David a slight, accusatory glance. Why can’t he just relax?

“You know, if you keep looking at everyone like you’ll kill them if they come near you, you’re going to get nowhere.” She turned sharply. The man before them was tall – very tall, clearing six foot four with no difficulty. Dark haired and olive-skinned, a hawk-like nose, and eyes the colour of the bourbon in his glass. His dark blue shirt was unbuttoned down his chest, revealing a smattering of hair. His cockiness would normally have made Brianna say something snappish, but instead, she was cool and collected.

“Well, I thought my aloofness was my attractive quality, but it seems that isn’t the case.” The man wasn’t looking at David, only her, as he sat opposite them, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t just tall but broad-chested. The kind of man who could have swept both of them up under each arm and carried them away with no fuss.

Next to her, David’s whole aura change. Electricity crackled off him, and she only needed to look at him out of the corner of her eye to see his cheeks flushing and his pupils dilating. She noticed his hand go to his neck, a vain attempt to cover his pulsing arteries.

So, he definitely wants ‘a man,’ Brianna thought.

“I’m Brianna, and this is David.”

“Sam.” He didn’t look at David but was giving her the once over, his fingers gliding the side of his glass. Great, she thought, he’s interested in me and David’s just there for the furniture. Brianna squeezed David’s thigh, trying to signal that she’d get rid of him.
“So, what are you after, Sam? We’re not looking for something typical.”

“Oh yeah? Well, to be frank, you’re cute…” And suddenly his attention switched to David, his body angling at him, leaning over the bar table. “But you’re fucking gorgeous.”
Heat flared behind Brianna’s eyes and scorched down her face and through her chest. Sam’s focus on David was absolute, eyes glowing at him, wanting him.

“Th-thank you,” David stammered. “You’re…” he finished his drink in one gulp and slamming the glass down, said, “…amazing.”

“Well, I like a compliment, but I haven’t proved anything yet.” Sam winked and held his glass. “Why don’t we talk, and we’ll see if you think I’m suitably ‘amazing?’”

David beamed, which made Brianna shake her head, and Sam chuckle. They talked, small stuff, nothing sexual, which Brianna was surprised at, having expected an interrogation of their sex life. The conversation was enough for her to figure out that Sam was a cocky bastard, a little smarmy, both making her laugh and infuriating her by turns. David was just in awe. Well, she thought, this could work. After a while, she looked at David, for the cue to take the next step. At his nod, Brianna outlined what they wanted. David’s hand was in hers, thumb flicking her over knuckles, so eager, hoping so much that Sam would say yes. Brianna knew he’d be crushed if he didn’t.

“I see. Well.” He smirked. “That could be fun.”

He was teasing. Brianna bristled but didn’t say anything as Sam contemplated the offer. “That’s your only condition?” he asked at last. “You watching?”


“Ok. Then here’s mine. You can watch. But I want you tied up.” Somehow that snapped David out of his trance, and he grasped Brianna’s arm.

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