‘It’s Gonna Hurt’ in My First Spanking


In this erotic collection edited by Cassandra Park, twelve authors write about their first spanking—the way it happened or the way they dreamed it had.

“My First Spanking” recalls younger, slightly more innocent days, days when we knew what we wanted, or had an idea, but were afraid to say the word. Days of meeting potential partners in quiet corners of restaurants, keeping our voices low. Days spent longing to find the person who knew how to take charge, and the nervous excitement when we knew it was about to happen at last.

The characters in this collection are not all lovers, and the spankings are not always delivered with love. But there’s always compassion, love, or at the very least lust between spanker and spankee. And in just about every case, they know that their first spanking is definitely not going to be their last.

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It was over Sunday breakfast—after Orlando had poured the tea, and while he was placing their plates of sesame-crusted bread, scrambled eggs and mixed mushrooms before them—that Kira said, breathy and rushed, that what she really wanted to do was spank him.

The statement wasn’t out of the blue. The night before, after Kira had straddled him, rode them both to climax, and they’d embraced, limbs linked and her head on his chest, Orlando had softly asked if there was something she really wanted to try. Kira hadn’t said anything then. How the hell could she explain it and make him understand? Instead, she’d turned the question back to him. He’d made his coy, faux-embarrassed chuckle, and had mumbled something about chocolate and her breasts.

Kira had smiled, but her stomach had crunched like cardboard, knowing her own desires didn’t match the sexy sweetness of his.

Now that she’d finally found the words, Orlando’s own plate clanked to the kitchen table, and his eyes met hers, wide yet somehow not startled.


That was all he said. “Oh.” What the fuck did that mean? Kira’s ribcage rose up in her chest like a clenched fist, and she grabbed her fork, stabbing at her breakfast and intent on not continuing this conversation.

“I’m sorry, that was stupid of me to say—”

“No, no. I asked.” His fingers tapped to his lips, and suddenly he grinned, as if surprised with himself. “I just wasn’t expecting you to say that.”

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