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In ‘Silver Bells’, Alex Thorson and three fellow directors sit in the board room with their CEO, Dempsey Kincaid, for what was meant to be a simple holiday drink. When an attractive young woman in fur-lined negligee, heels and a pair of elf ears arrives at the board room door, Alex is rather pleased at the tantalising turn of the evening. However, the raunchy high spirits soon take the gathering to places that leaves Alex with questions about the exact powers of Kincaid, and just what kind of woman has been hired to entertain them…

Short story: 6300 words.


From Zoe at Goodreads:

A very hot Christmas short story, though not just for Xmas, I think. I’m sure I’d be very happy to read about elves any day of the year. The first sentence was a delight, it made me laugh out loud, dropping us into the action with facts that seem hilariously incompatible (company directors, arousal, elves). An enjoyable quick read.


While the others talked, Alex watched the elf. She was leaning against the board room table, licking the over large candy cane with a feigned nonchalance. Feigned, Alex knew, because while her gaze was level and didn’t appear to be focused on anything, her tongue lavished the cane with the kind of attention any man would want on his cock.

Delicious as it was to watch, Alex’s gaze drifted to the others. Opposite him on the couch were Vance and Rob, angular and lean with a trim moustache and beard. Next to them on another arm chair was Dempsey, lean but broad shouldered, fifty of there abouts, white hair still thick and cut stylishly rather than the bookish old school manner that Alex’s last boss had had. The three of them were now talking stocks and bonds – their own, not the company’s. To Dempsey’s left, on one of the chairs pulled out from the board room table, Donny was leaning eagerly forward, nodding along whenever someone spoke, rarely adding anything of his own.

Alex looked lazily back at the elf. She was still ignored by everyone else, still staring into space as she licked and sucked the candy cane. That was so fake; her tongue lavished it, her candy red lips pouting around it as it vanished and reappeared from her mouth. She knew what she was doing. Alex was just surprised that Dempsey had found a girl who was a damn good actor.

“What do you think, Alex?”

It was Dempsey. Alex blinked, whipping his gaze towards his boss. Dempsey’s hand went out, inviting him to answer. Alex hadn’t a clue what they’d been talking about.

He coughed to buy time. “Well, sir…”

And fuck it, he went for bold. His eyes switched back to the elf, and he said, “I think we should give our elf what she wants for Christmas, starting with my dick in her mouth.”

The elf stopped licking the cane, and gasped, her eyes flicking to Alex. He smirked – the first real reaction he’d seen from her. Then she blinked at him, biting her lip. The act was back on. Clever girl, really.

Donny coughed on his drink, his cheeks flushing red, while Rob and Vance raised their eyebrows. Alex shrugged, nonchalant, and looked casually at Dempsey. Dempsey tapped his chin with one finger, as if considering what Alex had said, and he waited, for long enough that Alex had a second of chilly fear that he’d actually said the wrong thing.

Until Dempsey leered, and said, “I’m so glad someone has decided to start the proceedings.”

Where to buy

Silver Bells is available from Forbidden Fiction.

It also appears in the anthology Desk Job, also available from Forbidden Fiction.

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