Strange Appetites: An Anthology of Truly Bizarre Erotic Stories

Strange Appetites Cover


Hunger is irrepressible. One can only ignore it for so long, and then the emptiness refuses to let go. The ache to be filled becomes a constant companion, with an opinion on every thing—and everyone—one sees. After that, hunger eclipses all other considerations. All other sensations dull, all other thoughts fade. There’s only the hungry, demanding flesh and its strange appetites.

Presented for your consumption are eleven tales of hunger and obsession. Here are jaded sexual adventurers, lost souls, frustrated dreamers, and a few who find themselves willing to pay any price to survive. There are monsters, as well, but they aren’t always the villains.

Take this book home to devour at your leisure. Nibble just one story a night, or wolf the whole thing down at once, however satisfies your desire. And if, when you’re done, something doesn’t feel quite right, ask yourself: What’s eating you?

Edited by Lon Sarver

Stories included:

  • Jaded Appetites by Richard Freeman
  • Oasis Beckoning by Jacqueline Brocker
  • Frogger Says by Konrad Hartmann
  • Black Paint by Nobilis Reed
  • Hunter’s Tree by Konrad Hartmann
  • Witch’s Price by Ann Gimpel
  • Strange Hospitality by Kailin Morgan
  • Ravening Season by Jacqueline Brocker
  • Sleep of Reason by Richard Freeman
  • Screen Siren by Annabeth Leong
  • Little Henna Hair by R.W. Whitefield


Excerpts of Oasis Beckoning and The Ravening Season can be found on their own pages on this site.

You can read more about the other stories on Forbidden Fiction’s website.

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