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It is safer to assume these stories are not safe for work, being of a sexually explicit nature.


Often with a touch, or more, of female dominance.

  • To Paint His Tears
  • Artist and subject, the female gaze. Contemporary erotica July 2013

  • Conference
  • She watches him across the buffet, and ponders… Contemporary erotica March 2013

  • Crown
  • Keywords: honey, black cord, triple crown cock ring. Contemporary erotica, BDSM May 2012

  • Exhibition
  • Couple go to an exhibition, and discover eroticism held in tiny strokes… Contemporary erotic fiction December 2011

  • Red by the River
  • In a frustrated huff, Angie takes a walk along the river bank, and happens upon Flynn, with his lovely red hair. Sweet contemporary erotic fiction October 2010


More vanilla power dynamics, but not necessarily.

  • Burlesque
  • She watches a man dance, and is drawn like a moth to the flame… Contemporary erotica January 2013

  • Wandering Nail
  • The edge of a nail proves stimulating on the decking of a Swedish house. Contemporary erotica July 2012

  • Hands and Wine
  • No summary, just the keywords: voyeurism, masturbation, and wine. Contemporary erotica June 2012

  • Mouth
  • Vignette. A man’s mouth is an enticement when she meets him at a party. Contemporary erotica March 2012

  • Ripe Fruit
  • Summer fruits and fears of a lover parting. Contemporary erotica, older man/younger woman with a touch of the possessive. Published at Every Night Erotica. August 2011


Water and Dust series

These stories are part of a wider universe, but can be read stand-alone. The main story of Marc and Brendan begins when they are already together, and the start of that (still unfinished) can be read in this series of posts.

Contemporary Realism

  • The Insect and the Octopus
  • Short story. Two children on the beach play. When it takes a nasty turn, it puts their friendship to the test.

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