A Night in a Year

Welcome to A Night in a Year: An Erotic Adventure in Cambridge

Clock tower and moon at night
A Night in a Year

One night told in one year.

300 words, posted each evening, every day for a year.

May 2013: Well, that was the plan, anyway. I got through January 2013 marvelously well, but the rest of year proved to be a challenge. I hadn’t really appreciated the amount of work that would be required to undertake this venture, and as such, was writing February entries come April. So, I’ve updated as far as what should have been the end of February. Perhaps, one day, I’ll come back to it. March 2014? Maybe, maybe. But for now, enjoy the two months of what I’ve written.

A woman prepares for a night out in Cambridge, with one thing on her mind. When she hits the centre of town, and enters a newly established bar, her eye sets upon an intriguing gentleman in a sharp suit and long, elegant fingers. However, before the night is out, she will have many more encounters than she could ever have expected.


1. ShowerShower
2. DryDry
3. DressDress
4. Hair and Make-upHair and Make-up
5. ShoesShoes
6. WalkWalk
7. BarBar
8. DrinkDrink
9. SightingSighting - Pub
10. ExaminationExamination
11. ApproachApproach
12. BanterBanter
13. CloserCloser
14. Tracing FingerTracing Finger
15. Wandering HandWandering Hand
16. RetreatRetreat
17. Bright EyesBright Eyes
18. GraspingGrasping
19. DesertionDesertion
20. SmokeSmoke
21. WallWall
22. PreparationPreparation
23. HipsHips
24. ThrustThrust
25. GrindGrind
26. Market SquareMarket Square
27. Hot ChipsHot Chips
28. DepartureDeparture
29. SeekingSeeking
30. ObservedObserved
31. Next StageNext Stage


32. Queue Queue
33. Origin Origin
34. Down Below Down Below
35. Table Table
36. Fish Tank Fish Tank
37. Cheers! Cheers
38. Xavier Xavier
39. Second Round Second Round
40. Deflection Deflection
41. Competition Competition
42. Orhan Orhan
43. Jeroen Jeroen
44. To the Floor To the Floor
45. Three Three
46. Sway Sway
47. Undulate Undulate
48. Wait… Wait
49. Nibble Nibble
50. Hem Hem
51. Crease Crease
52. Curls Curls
53. Folds Folds
54. Throat Throat
55. Needle Needle
56. Energy Energy
57. Roll Roll
58. Lift Lift
59. Hasty Exit Hasty Exit

Image from flickr by edbrambley, used under the Creative Commons License.

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  1. cath

    Definitely going to miss reading this! Make sure you update me when you update it ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • jacqui

      Will do Cath! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would like to see it to completion, just not going to happen this year. Will def keep you posted.

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