That darn sock!

The cold time of the year is approaching. For me, that means my long and funky socks come out to play and I get to enjoy the pleasure of wearing them and the occasional compliment.

But my lovely socks had holes in them.

I could simply chuck them. But that didn’t feel right – four otherwise good pairs of socks only had holes in the toes and heels. What was I to do? Learn to fix them seemed the only way forward.

Now, I made this decision a while ago. Months back I watched a YouTube video on how to do it and I bought a darning mushroom. This nifty little item has been sitting next to my neglected, unworn socks waiting to be used. I’ll do it this afternoon, I’d say. The weekend, tomorrow. Yet they say untouched.

And autumn is here now. I couldn’t put out off much longer – I’d be out of socks before too long. So today I picked them up, raided our chaotic sewing box for needle and thread, re-watched the video, and set to work.

It’s a small thing to be proud of, but I am. I’ve saved some favourite items of clothing and learned a new skill. And I watched the  Paddington film too while doing it.
Now to learn how to join granny squares of different sizes.


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The Dragon in the Garden cover

Guest Post: On Dragons, Sex, Women, and Choices

Welcome Erika Gardner for her blog tour for her novel The Dragon in the Garden. And yes, the dragon factor was the reason I asked your book to be here – we really should do lunch. 😉

There aren’t even words for how much I love Jacqueline’s byline at the top of this blog, “Writings on Love, Blood, Sex, and Dragons.” A couple of my favorite things are sandwiched in that simple statement. It also happens to work well with my new book, The Dragon in The Garden which contains all four ingredients. Jacqueline and I need to do lunch.
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The Teflon Dom: The Gazillionaire and the Virgin Blog Tour

Today I’m delighted to have Lisabet Sarai over on my blog discuss her latest novel and a rather great way of describing a common trope in BDSM erotica. Over to you Lisabet!


Although I write in many genres, BDSM erotica and erotic romance may be my favorites. Indeed, I first began writing erotica, nearly twenty years ago, in order to explore my own craving for erotic surrender. In my kinky stories, I try to communicate the emotional intensity and sense of communion that have characterized my personal experience with dominance and submission.
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