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Blog Tour afoot!

Body & Bow Cover

Body & Bow is going on tour this coming week (11 February to 15 February)!

This post will be updated as the week goes on. 🙂

11 February: First stop is an author interview by Vampirique Dezires at Blood, Lust and Erotica: Author Interview. And she has also written a very lovely review of Body & Bow.

12 February: Guest post on the soundtrack of Body & Bow: Soundtracks: Selecting the music for Body & Bow at KD Grace‘s place.

13th February: Guest post on research: Once more unto the internet! Story research online at Book Reviews and More by Kathy.

14th February: Author interview with Lynn Townsend at Paid by the Weird.

15th February: Guest post on Artistic Temperaments and Bad Reviews at Adriana Kraft‘s blog.

Body & Bow Cover

New Release! Body & Bow, an erotic novella

Finally I have a chance to sit down and do a proper release post on this. I am exceedingly happy to present, from Forbidden Fiction, Body & Bow.

For further details, including content labels (important!) and info for purchasing, please see this page at Forbidden Fiction:

Body & Bow

I also have a Pinterest Board (Body & Bow), and will be posting info to a new tumblr reserved just for my writing matters (Love, Blood, Sex, and Dragons), where there will be pictures, videos, and related flotsam. There will be further posts over the next little while about the process of writing the story.


Upon reading Klarissa Archer’s scathing review of their latest performance, cellist Leonard Sanderson and violinist Marco Lambrosini have very different reactions. Leonard is filled with rage. Marco invites Klarissa for drinks. Pleased that she has so upset the arrogant Sanderson Klarissa accepts Marco’s offer, unaware that he has something in mind for her, Leonard, velvet ropes and the bows of cello and violin. (M/F/M)

Excerpt below cut:
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