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Guest Post: Interview with Janine Ashbless – In Bonds of Earth

I am delighted to have Janine Ashbless back here on my blog. The first time was for Cover Him with Darkness, a dark erotic romance novel about angels (you can read that interview again or indeed for the first time). I enjoyed Cover Him With Darkness so much that when the opportunity to read the next in the series and grill Janine about writing it I leapt at it (though I worry I got too enthusiastic and probing in my questions, but Janine has been a most gracious interviewee – thank you!)
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Fool's Gold cover

Released today! Fool’s Gold

Fool's Gold cover
Fool’s Gold is out! Again… yes, my first self-published effort has now been published by Forbidden Fiction, with a brand spanking new cover (much improved on my own earlier effort… I have now come to accept that covers are not my forte) and some edits – nothing major has changed, some paragraphs have been switched around so it works with two chapters rather than the single short story it was before, but apart from that, it’s Fool’s Gold as it was before. And a day out, I’ve already had some lovely feedback from a reader/friend on Facebook. 🙂

Fool’s Gold came about initially as a response to a call – it’s been a few years now so I can’t remember if the theme was pirates or fantasy in general. It wasn’t accepted, but the editors comments were encouraging. So I thought I’d have a shot a self-publishing. It sold a handful of copies. Not the most successful experiment, but people who knew me and bought and read it liked it. So when I started publishing with Forbidden Fiction, it seemed the right place to move it to.

I can’t recall the initial inspiration. I knew I wanted a lady pirate, and I knew I wanted her to be the more dominant one – though I hasten to add this isn’t a femdom story as such. I also wanted to explore the idea of how the sexual relationships we have might not match the image or the fantasy of what we want, or even deliver the sex we want. Throw that in with a Caribbean setting and some intriguing coins and you’ve got Fool’s Gold. Do give it a read (for 99c) if that sounds appealing.


When Anne Delahaye, captain of the pirate ship Merriment, is lead to a chest of coins with unusual markings, she assumes that she’s been cheated. But when she learns that the coins may be the key to a strange cave where desires become reality, she goes to find out for herself. What she finds there brings up memories and desires of a life she thought was gone.

Click on the picture for an excerpt. 🙂

For information on the story, see the publisher’s page.

To buy the story, go to Fantastic Fiction Publishing.

Cover Him with Darkness

Guest Post: Interview with Janine Ashbless – Cover Him With Darkness

Cover Him with Darkness

Today I’m very pleased to have an interview with Janine Ashbless about her latest novel Cover Him With Darkness, an erotic romance of angels and demons set in Montenegro. A highly recommended read and a very enjoyable interview if I do say so myself.

So, angels and bondage. Tell us about the fascination.

Ah. It’s the contrast – the idea of something that’s massively powerful and dangerous but tied up and helpless right now. And the implied question: What happens if he breaks loose?
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Two new releases!

Oasis Beckoning
I’m pleased to announce I have two new releases available!

First, a short story, Oasis Beckoning. Fantasy erotica, with a most unusual pairing – man, and a pool of water…

Nearly dead from thirst and the sun, a man fled through the desert. Just when he believed he could no longer go on, he stumbled upon a deep pool in a jungle at the edge of the wasteland. The water soothed his parched throat and gave comfort to his burnt skin. Then, that which lived in the pool gave him a stranger and altogether more intimate kind of comfort.

Oasis Beckoning is available from Forbidden Fiction – you can go there for an excerpt and assorted buy links.

Smut Alfresco
Next, my short story ‘Meadow’ can be read in the new erotica anthology Smut Alfresco, edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse, a collection of outdoor-themed erotica. ‘Meadow’ is set on Grantchester Meadows in Cambridge, where I live, but you can find a whole host of other, intriguing settings and stories in the anthology.

An excerpt of ‘Meadow’ can be read here on this site.

Smut Alfresco can be bought at the following places: