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Testing Tom by Lucy Felthouse

Guest Post: Why Does Tom Have To Be Tested by Lucy Felthouse

Testing Tom by Lucy Felthouse

Delighted to have Lucy Felthouse here on my blog discussing her femdom novella Testing Tom – always up for a bit of tasty femdom, and with a cover like that, who can resist! Take it away Lucy!

My novella, Testing Tom, is a femdom erotic romance. It’s the story of professional Dominatrix, Katrina, and her ex, Tom. A while ago, he left her for a vanilla chick, devastating her. So when he comes crawling back, begging for forgiveness, she simply can’t bring herself to welcome him back with open arms. How does she know he won’t get scared of the BDSM lifestyle once more and leave her again?
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Blue photograph with eye lash and teardrop

Wicked Wednesday: To Paint His Tears, f/m, NSFW

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

A short piece, 1300 words approx, f/m. Art and painting is the theme (which I seem to come back a lot I have to say…)

Blue photograph with eye lash and teardrop

He made himself cry for her. Not sob, nor weep and wail, but cry, silently, with tears running down his face.

She took photographs while he did. She had him sit on a stool in front of the blue egg-shell wall in her kitchen, made him take his shirt off. First middle distance, so she could capture his chest, concaved a little as he hunched, his shoulders rolled forward as his hands were kept between his knees – she asked that he didn’t touch his face, rub his eyes (later he would tell her that was the hardest part of it, not to wipe himself to keep himself neat and tidy.) The kitchen was warm, so his nipples remained soft as rose buds under his chest hair.
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Two new releases!

Oasis Beckoning
I’m pleased to announce I have two new releases available!

First, a short story, Oasis Beckoning. Fantasy erotica, with a most unusual pairing – man, and a pool of water…

Nearly dead from thirst and the sun, a man fled through the desert. Just when he believed he could no longer go on, he stumbled upon a deep pool in a jungle at the edge of the wasteland. The water soothed his parched throat and gave comfort to his burnt skin. Then, that which lived in the pool gave him a stranger and altogether more intimate kind of comfort.

Oasis Beckoning is available from Forbidden Fiction – you can go there for an excerpt and assorted buy links.

Smut Alfresco
Next, my short story ‘Meadow’ can be read in the new erotica anthology Smut Alfresco, edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse, a collection of outdoor-themed erotica. ‘Meadow’ is set on Grantchester Meadows in Cambridge, where I live, but you can find a whole host of other, intriguing settings and stories in the anthology.

An excerpt of ‘Meadow’ can be read here on this site.

Smut Alfresco can be bought at the following places:

Crown or ring, or both?

Short Story: Crown

Word count: 2250
Content: Erotica, NSFW, F/m, BDSM
Setting: Contemporary
Notes: First written in two parts for Wanton Wednesday, and then a final part for Wicked Wednesday.

The box Larissa brought with her contained black cord, a jar of honey, a silver spoon with a long, spindly handle…and a triple crown cock ring.

Oh hell…

The last item K. picked up with pinched fingers, like he was holding a dead mouse by the tail, and examined held out from him as far as his arm could stretched, eyes glancing at it almost sideways.

Larissa giggled, and he looked at her sharply. “No.”
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Man and woman on bench

Short Story: Red by the River

Cover of Issue 7 of Filament Magazine Red by the River first appeared in Filament magazine, Issue 7, Volume II, December 2010. It was my first professional publication, and in a magazine whose philosophy I fully support(ed – they have unfortunately closed, which is a real shame.)

This short piece is about art, sunsets, and lovely red-headed young men, and is approximately 2200 words long. Also, erotica, and not safe for work images.
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