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Spidermilk cover

Guest Post: Spidermilk by Konrad Hartmann

Spidermilk coverSpidermilk opens with Eddie Stover and his business partner, Sylvia, riding on an elevated maglev train through a future version of Philadelphia. Through the windows they gaze upon a mixture of gaudy lights and burned desolation. Lon Sarver, in the editing comments for Spidermilk, mentioned imagining Vangelis playing during this scene. The notion got me thinking. What would a soundtrack be like for the novel?

Joy Division came to my thoughts. Perhaps the band’s bleak, strange magic reminded me of the mood I was trying to create, a sense of horror within urban decay. I remember watching a documentary about the band, and one member described the crushingly dismal setting of post-war Manchester, living for years without seeing trees. But maybe I was reminded of Ian Curtis’ seizures. Eddie Stover suffers from seizures brought on by a brain implant, a black market device used to block out a particularly traumatic memory. Eddie must either endure the seizure side-effect, or live with the constant recollection of his horrific past. Curtis faced the prospect of crushing depression as a medication side-effect or dangerous seizures without the medication.
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Strange Appetites cover

New Release! Strange Appetites: An Anthology of Truly Bizarre Erotic Stories

Strange Appetites

You know, I never considered myself a horror writer. But my editors at Forbidden Fiction think otherwise, and so included two of my stories, “Oasis Beckoning” and “The Ravening Season” in this anthology, Strange Appetites. 😉

So just in time for Halloween, you can read 11 dark, bizarre tales. Be warned: this is erotic horror, not paranormal erotic romance. In fact, I don’t think romance very much comes into it here. If you are after stories that embrace the darkness rather than the happily ever after, this anthology may well be for you.

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Bi Magic Cover

Release Catch-up! Bi Magic

Bi Magic Cover

Not just my own in this one! While Bi Magic includes Gods Among Men, it also anthologises several other terrific stories from Forbidden Fiction. The basic theme is the same – fantasy tales with bisexual protagonists. I have included another excerpt, continuing on from last week’s post, below, but do check out the whole anthology. 🙂


Best Bisexual Fantasy Anthology
Edited by D.M. Atkins, Rylan Hunter and Lon Sarver

Bi Magic collects nine of ForbiddenFiction’s most popular tales of magic, mystery, romance, and of course, steaming hot sex. These high fantasy romps prove that whether you’re a man, a woman, a shapeshifter, a fairy, or a trickster god from a forgotten pantheon, you really can have it both ways.

  • Sacrifices to Ecstasy by James L. Wolf
  • The Thief’s Dungeon by Madeleine Swann
  • Chaining Flame by James L. Wolf
  • Fools Rush In by Elizabeth Schechter
  • Milk by Claryssa Berg
  • To Market by Elizabeth Schechter
  • The Snake and the Lyre by Annabeth Leong
  • Gods Among Men by Jacqueline Brocker
  • The Fair, Laudenum, and Passion by Madeleine Swann

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Gods Among Men

Release Catch-up! Gods Among Men

Gods Among Men

Today’s release catch-up is Gods Among Men, an m/m novella published by Forbidden Fiction.

The idea is essentially a reworking of the myth of Perun and Veles, Slavic gods who are kind of related to Thor and Loki respectively. Despite how the cover may look, I was not influenced by the Thor films, nor by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (the story came to fruition in 2011), but hey, it works quite well in my favour I suppose.

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Release Catch-up! The Ravening Season

The Ravening Season Cover

I have been somewhat lax on this site of late, failing to announce new books that have come out, not posting in general. So, for the coming Wednesday in October I’ll be announcing the books and stories that have come out over the past few (more than few in some cases…) months.

So to start, The Ravening Season.
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