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Cover Him with Darkness

Guest Post: Interview with Janine Ashbless – Cover Him With Darkness

Cover Him with Darkness

Today I’m very pleased to have an interview with Janine Ashbless about her latest novel Cover Him With Darkness, an erotic romance of angels and demons set in Montenegro. A highly recommended read and a very enjoyable interview if I do say so myself.

So, angels and bondage. Tell us about the fascination.

Ah. It’s the contrast – the idea of something that’s massively powerful and dangerous but tied up and helpless right now. And the implied question: What happens if he breaks loose?
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Resurfacing, and an interview

Feel like I’m finally emerging from something of a bubble I was lolling around in for the past week or so. Combination of some unfortunate stuff in my personal life, including something I noticed on Wednesday; my sleep pattern is a little off. I’ve always been someone who takes up to an hour to fall asleep, unless I’m utterly exhausted. But I’ve moved rooms recently, and the curtains in there are light enough so that I’m waking up with the morning sun between 5.30 and 6. Normally this would be great – yay, body clock working its natural rhythms – but it’s less great when you can’t get back to sleep and wind up having several nights of about 5 hours. Granted, this is not insomnia, but come Wednesday I was getting dizzy from just being upright, and my head has felt a bit fuzzy since. Black curtains which we do have in the house will be going up very soon!

Better today, mind, and I was able to get on with a few blogging things I’d wanted to do for a while. It’s a shame my head was the way it was, because I’ve been on leave for two weeks and had lots of time to write – life just got in the way, and resulted in me fretting about writing matters in general, which tends to lead to, guess what, no writing.

That said, I did get some more words down on a longer piece I have in the works, and in the good news, I’ve had some acceptances over the past week, which I shouldn’t talk about just yet, but suffice to say I’m pretty happy about.

And also! My first interview at someone else’s blog. L.J. LaBarthe has this interview up on her LiveJournal. I hope I’ve managed to sound at least a little intelligent rather than incoherent. 😉