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Divine Desire Cover

New Release! Divine Desire

Divine Desire Cover

Another release! Divine Desires is now out, published by Forbidden Fiction and available at Fantastic Fiction Publishing.

This is the second time my novella Gods Among Men has been anthologised (it was also in Bi Magic) – third if you count Erotica Apocrypha, when it was called Storms of Ancient Gods. It’s intriguing to see how the story fits in with the others around it – I’ve not yet read the anthology to comment, but a look at the contents page tells me I’m in good company and that it will be a fascinating read. If I do say so myself. šŸ™‚

Framing the Arizona Desert

Wicked Wednesday: Edge, Part 1, m/m

Framing the Arizona Desert

Back at Wicked Wednesday at long last! And back with my characters Marc and Brendan from my ongoing story thing (I kind of like just having them as characters who come out to play from time to time, but I think some back story and explanation would be nice to do some time) Water and Dust. This time, the story is in two parts, and is filling my still ongoing 2013 Kink Bingo card, for the orgasm control/denial square. Word count: 1000 approx.

The property was all theirs now, but it meant work. Just as they’d both brought their smarts to bear when they’d purchased the land ā€“ with Marc’s thoroughness, and Brendan’s wiley mind ā€“ now it was time for both of them to lay their bodies to the task. For the mess the previous owners had left was disastrous.
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Bi Magic Cover

Release Catch-up! Bi Magic

Bi Magic Cover

Not just my own in this one! While Bi Magic includes Gods Among Men, it also anthologises several other terrific stories from Forbidden Fiction. The basic theme is the same – fantasy tales with bisexual protagonists. I have included another excerpt, continuing on from last week’s post, below, but do check out the whole anthology. šŸ™‚


Best Bisexual Fantasy Anthology
Edited by D.M. Atkins, Rylan Hunter and Lon Sarver

Bi Magic collects nine of ForbiddenFiction’s most popular tales of magic, mystery, romance, and of course, steaming hot sex. These high fantasy romps prove that whether you’re a man, a woman, a shapeshifter, a fairy, or a trickster god from a forgotten pantheon, you really can have it both ways.

  • Sacrifices to Ecstasy by James L. Wolf
  • The Thief’s Dungeon by Madeleine Swann
  • Chaining Flame by James L. Wolf
  • Fools Rush In by Elizabeth Schechter
  • Milk by Claryssa Berg
  • To Market by Elizabeth Schechter
  • The Snake and the Lyre by Annabeth Leong
  • Gods Among Men by Jacqueline Brocker
  • The Fair, Laudenum, and Passion by Madeleine Swann

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