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Short Story: Ripe Fruit, m/f, contemporary


Ripe Fruit was originally published at Every Night Erotica in 2011.

After Martin let Sylvia go wandering across his land by herself, the fear beset him like a gnawing beast. He sat on the balcony, paper in hand, above the paths and tracks where Sylvia might have gone. He tried to read the paper, but his eyes drifted above the horizon of print, to the grass of his gardens, the fountain streaming indifferently to his heart that hadn’t stopped thumping since she had vanished through the tidy hedges onto the unkempt land beyond.

God, how long since she had left? he thought, checking his watch. Seeing it was an hour and a half, Martin cursed his idiocy of inviting her here in the first place. She’d probably tucked her wallet into her shorts and was sitting on the bus back to London, willing it to go faster, as far from him as possible.
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More Smut for Chocoholics

Release Catch-up! More Smut for Chocoholics: Eclair

More Smut for Chocoholics

Ah, chocolate. The sensuality of it has long been exploited by artist. So following in this tradition are the two ‘chocoholic’ anthologies: Smut for Chocoholics, and now More Smut for Chocoholics.

My story, “Eclair”, features that most delicious item the chocolate elcair. It took me a couple of goes to get the story right. I knew I wanted a young female connoisseur of the pastry, and I knew I wanted an older, male experienced pastry chef/chocolate-tier, and it would involve some kind of punishment for some kind of transgression. The idea of my character winning something like a golden ticket to a prestigious party allowed reference back to Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but there is no Oompah Loompah in sight in this tale.

(Has that just tempted someone to right Oompah Loompah smut? I kind of hope it will.) 😉

Oh, one last thing: my character’s Melanie and Herr Bauer are in no way shape or form I way totes promise is based (visually) on a certain pair of actors who appear in a certain Tarantino film. Nope. In no way whatsoever…

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Strange Appetites cover

New Release! Strange Appetites: An Anthology of Truly Bizarre Erotic Stories

Strange Appetites

You know, I never considered myself a horror writer. But my editors at Forbidden Fiction think otherwise, and so included two of my stories, “Oasis Beckoning” and “The Ravening Season” in this anthology, Strange Appetites. 😉

So just in time for Halloween, you can read 11 dark, bizarre tales. Be warned: this is erotic horror, not paranormal erotic romance. In fact, I don’t think romance very much comes into it here. If you are after stories that embrace the darkness rather than the happily ever after, this anthology may well be for you.

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Fifty Shades of Green cover

Guest Post: Fifty Shades of Green

Fifty Shades of Green cover

A Horned God in Her Garden— “Phallus Impudicus”

I’d like to welcome Rebekah Shardy to the blog today to talk about her story “Phallus Impudicus” from Fifty Shades of Green. Over to you, Rebekah!

As a married middle-aged woman, I hiked alone in wild places and sometimes felt the unexpected flush of raw desire. This inspired me to write about the lonely divorcee, Carol, whose bed (and flower beds) have been neglected far too long. Despite following the conventional female script, her once-rambunctious gardens, both real and metaphorical, are withering. What is a woman to do?

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